Six fresh “End Of Summer” full-body workouts have just gone live inside your Sister Squad accounts.

How has your summer been? Did you lap up those sunny days and spend amazing moments with friends and family?

I hope you had a fantastic time πŸ˜ƒ. If you’ve kept a consistent training schedule over the Summer. You’re amazing. If you’ve let things slip a little. Don’t stress.

The full-body workouts we’re going to complete this month will help you dig deep, get back on track (if you need it), and shift your focus to your end of the year and Christmas goals.

What type of shape do you want to be in for all those Christmas occasions?

If you want to feel and look fantastic I’d recommend you make time for at least three workouts every week. Fit them in before work, on your lunch break, or when everyone is gone to bed. But you gotta do the work Sista πŸ˜‰.

Remember, It’s the consistent schedule that will get you to your destination. Show up and amazing things will happen.

Here’s two snippets from the workouts that have just gone into your accounts

BBX HIIT "Full Body Circuits"

RB BodyStrong "Full Body Fire"

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