Sister Squads 300 Squat Challenge is different...

Forget about just plain old boring squats. We're going to keep things interesting and get a fast and effective workout complete in under 15 minutes.

The 300 Squat Rep Challenge Circuits


Squat Variation 1

Regular Squat


Squat Variation 2

Sumo Squat


Squat Variation 3

Squat to lateral alternating legs


Squat Variation 4

Narrow squat alternating leg behind


Squat Variation 5

Jump Squat

And if feeling really brave... Why not add the Sister Squad Booty Band into the mix. This is going to burn but it's going to be beautiful πŸ₯³.

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  • Completed 1st trial just now. Didn’t think I’d make it but I did! Booty band next time!

    Way to go, Emma! You never stop challenging us!!!!!

  • Did squat challenge for 2nd time, this time with booty band ………….yoweeeeeeeee!!!!! It’s so bad it must be good for you! Fair play to you, Emma – you did it again!!!!

    • Wow!!! Deirdre you absolute legend! Awesome jobπŸ’ͺ🏻😍. You are one badass Squad Sista doing the challenge with the Booty BandπŸ”₯😝

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