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Smash Your Biggest Goals Without Giving Up Time, Taste, Or Your Ability To Enjoy Life

I’ll help you lose weight, build confidence and restore your energy in a fun way from home.

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What You’ll Get inside Project EmpowerU

Tailored Personal Coaching

Personalised? Yes, please! This isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. You’ll get tailored support and coaching that is based on your unique needs and progress to keep you inspired and accountable.

Guidance Anywhere, Anytime

Inside your dedicated coaching app you'll have expert guidance at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere! No more feeling lost or alone - we're in this journey together!

Empowering Healthy Habits

Let’s kick those limiting beliefs to the curb and build empowering habits that bring the best YOU to the forefront. Get ready for a happier, healthier, and more confident life.

Powerful Group Accountability

The power of community is real! Our Empower Squad keeps you motivated and on track, helping you crush your goals like the superstar you are.

Empower Squad Testimonials

Karen Roche sister squad testimonial


I’ve lost 4lbs since starting Project EmpowerU only 3 weeks ago and I’ve also lost cms around my waist and hips. My biggest gain though so far is my energy levels, they are so much higher! I can honestly say this Personal Coaching program stands out miles from the rest.

Karen Roche Empower Squad

Lost another 2lbs and only 1 more pound until I hit my holiday goal weight.

Nicola - Empower Squad

Lost another inch of my waist and 2 off my hips woooo

Shelley - Empower Squad

Feeling in control, and loving being motivated by others in the Empower group

Sinead - Empower Squad

Ignite Your Power

Take just 1 minute to complete your application for the Project EmpowerU coaching program and we'll instantly gift you with an exclusive Sister Squad recipe pack worth €27, absolutely FREE!

Karen - Empower Squad

Energy has been up. Feeling fuller for longer. My concentration in work has improved due to energy levels.

Maria - Empower Squad

I did well on protein and steps without having to make too much of an "effort". Very much habitual now.

Meagan - Empower Squad

It was great to get back into moving my body, and even better I can see differences in my strength this week!

Busting Myths:

Your Journey, Your Pace, Your Victory!

Past Does Not Equal Future

Failed before? Join the club! But remember, past attempts are not a predictor of future success. They're stepping stones, not stumbling blocks. Each time you tried, you learned something. Let's use that knowledge and keep going!

Future Forward

Time-Savvy Program

Worried about not having enough time? Our program fits into your busy life, not the other way around. Short, effective workouts, and on-the-go resources are designed for the modern, busy woman.


Effective Online Program

Don't believe in online programs? Well, we're about to change that belief! The effectiveness of a program lies in its content, guidance, and community. And we tick all those boxes!

Online Mastery

Enjoy Your Food

Think you can't enjoy food on a fitness program? Not on our watch! We're all about making healthy eating delicious, enjoyable, and satisfying. No deprivation here!

Embrace Physical Ability

Our program caters to all fitness levels and focuses on gradual, sustainable progress. It’s about doing what you can, and celebrating every single step you take!

Unyielding Support

Worried about lack of support inside Project EmpowerU? With us, you’re never alone. Our supportive community and personal guidance ensure you feel valued, heard, and motivated.

It's Finally Time...

To Unleash Your Power with Project EmpowerU!

We believe every woman deserves to feel energised, confident, and empowered in her body. We're all about helping you build sustainable habits, make smart choices, and create a lifestyle you love.

With expert guidance, personalised support, and an incredible community backing you up, your journey towards better health and wellness becomes not just achievable but enjoyable too.

Get ready to shine, Sista, because we're about to turn your “I can't” into “I totally smashed it!”