This month's workouts are going to have you sweating and smiling from head to toe 😉. 

In total you’ve got 7 new workouts uploaded to your accounts and each one is designed to get you the fitness and weight loss results you want.

BBX Online

Two beautiful new workouts are now live for members of BBX online.

You now have a brand new 47-minute BBX Sweat Session and another BBX HIIT Session that lasts 25-minutes.

These sweaty, spicaay trampoline workouts are super effective cardio killers.

You should have amazing fun with these new trampoline workouts. If you need any modifications on the moves or any help at all, just reach out to me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with an answer.

What BBX workout are you going to do first? Or are you crazy enough to line them up back to back and just go for it?

Bouncing beauties… Let me know in the comments below what you’re going to do.

Sister Squad All-Access Members

There are 4 fresh workouts loaded into your account for the month of June.

You've got the unique Sister Squad mix of choreographed workouts with amazing tunes to keep you inspired and motivated, and on top of that, you have the HIIT style non-choreographed workouts done with and without resistance bands.

  • RB BodyStrong Upper Body Baby Inferno
  • RB HIIT Lower Body Attack
  • BodyStrong Dare to Chair 2.0
  • BodyStrong HIIT Full Body Chair Circuits

That’s right, 4 fresh workouts that will challenge you and push you to show up and perform.

BodyStrong Workouts

If you have been a member for some time you’ll be familiar with the first edition of the “Dare To Chair” workout series. When that one went live I quickly said I’d make a follow up based on the feedback it got.

Dare To Chair 2.0 is the slightly more intense sequel you’ve been waiting for 😁.

This month both the BodyStrong HIIT & the BodyStrong workouts take advantage of the chair and I hope you love them.

RB BodyStrong Workouts

This month the “RB Inferno” series also continues.

The latest addition is the “Upper Body Baby Inferno”. This sits alongside the “Lower Body Baby Inferno” from last month and is guaranteed to have you sculpting gorgeous lean muscle during and after you complete the workout.

What do you think about the Inferno workouts? What’s your favourite one? Full body infernos or baby infernos that target specific areas of your body? Let me know in the comments below.

You also have access to an RB HIIT Lower Body Attack inside the members area this month. This workout is 28 minutes long and is done with the Sister Squad Adjustable Booty Band. With just this band we will challenge, attack, and sculpt your legs, your bum, and your core. It’s going to be amazing.

Bonus 300 Squat Rep Challenge

Inside your members area and on the blog you’ll find the 300 Squat Rep Challenge. This absolute killer of a squat challenge is going to have you cursing my name and pouring with sweat… But you’re gonna love it 😉.

3 circuits of 100 squats + 5 squat variations to keep things spicaay= 300 beautiful squats 😁

And if you dare… Add the Sister Squat Booty Band into the mix and turn the dial to insane mode… Oh it will be glorious 🥳.

You’ll find the Squat challenge on the blog if you aren’t already a member, and if you are a fully fledged Squad Sista… You’ll find the challenge and all the other workouts for June 2021 neatly packaged in the exact place you’d expect to find them in your members area.

Make a plan for yourself over the coming month and go after it like a woman possessed.

You’ve got this Sista 💪.

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